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Title : BCICAI-Ramadan Blood Donation Campaign - 31st May 2019-Friday @King Hamad Hospital at 7.30 pm
Topic : Ramadan Blood Donation Campaign
Date & Day : 31-05-2019 to 31-05-2019
Time : 19:30
Venue : King Hamad Hospital
Faculty : CA Sridhar S
CPE Hrs. : Nil
Registration Fees: Nil
Registration Date: 19-05-2019 To 29-05-2019
Description :

Dear Esteemed Members,

The holy month of Ramadan encourages each one of us to be generous and of service to others. In line with the spirit of Ramadan, BCICAI has planned organized a .BLOOD DONATION CAMPAIGN on 31st May 2019 (Friday) at King Hamad Hospital, starting from 7.30 pm.

This camp is open for Members of BCICAI as well as families.

Please note the below instructions:

1.Anyone over the age of 18 can .

2.You must not have   in the last 4 months

3.In case the donor is taking any medications for BP, then the donor is requested to inform the doctors in the  bank on arrival.

4.nsure to have a good sleep on the previous night and also a restful day.

5.Preferable to avoid any kind of alcoholic beverages the previous night.

6.On arrival,the  bank would carry out the routine tests to check for the hemoglobin level,  BP

7.t is encouraged and advised to have something to eat and drink before and after the . BCICAI will make necessary arrangements for the same.

8.If you are having an medical condition then please check with your Doctor before .

If you need any further details regarding the above please contact CA Maheshkumar Narayan @ 33 221 229.

Kindly register through mobile app or website at the earliest. While registering, in the toal number of persons count, please include yourself and any other family members (if they are also donating) in the count as well.

Let us together strive to make a difference to the community by helping others.


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