BCICAI Republic Day special seminar on The Game of Risk & Make India Read 24th January 2020 @ Al Areen Palace & Spa from 10 am onwards, Friday, 24-01-2020 10 : 00 AM, Venue : Al Areen Palace & Spa, Nadwah Hall, Faculty : Mr. Mohammed Isa & CA Amrut Deshmukh, Fees : Nil, CPE Hours : 3 Hours  


CA. Maheshkumar Narayan

Bahrain chapter of ICAI

The Bahrain Chapter of ICAI has been placed at a lofty pedestal thanks to the efforts of our past visionary leaders. As the Chairperson of the Executive Committee, my team and I are driven to live up to this illustrious legacy and also take the chapter in to new era. Our theme for the year is:


The past years have seen us achieve and redefine pinnacle, decode several aspects of excellence and without resting on past laurels seek beyond the eminence. What an exciting journey this has this been. We have always risen to new challenges, with a strong belief in achieving equality of opportunity for all. Our aim is to continue the voyage to explore new avenues to take the chapter where we have never been before, open new realms of opportunity and Conquer New Frontiers.

We intend to roll out a number of initiatives which will help us in realizing this. We are working to embed the spirit of transparency, inclusiveness, innovation, and positivity while rendering selfless service to our profession. It is our endeavor to add value to our members with increased customization of programs based on need, effectiveness and measurable outcomes. We are also committed to continue with our flag ship events while trying to enhance their effectiveness for the members.

We are conscious that we cannot do this alone. Together with all your support we will strive to Conquer New Frontiers. We need to harness the immense resources that are at the disposal of the Chapter through the combined expertise of members as well as their access to resources. No effort is too little and no feedback is irrelevant.

I thank the members of the Chapter for giving us the opportunity to be of service to the profession and we will strive to Conquer New Frontiers.

CA. Maheshkumar Narayan

Bahrain chapter of ICAI